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I was born near Epping Forest, but in about 1937 we, my parents and younger brother, moved to Harrow in Middlesex.  Fortunately, my father was in the Metropolitan Police so he did not have to go away to war, though he certainly experienced the Blitz.  We, my mother, John and I, spent many nights in our underground shelter that Dad built.

After the War having spent some time as a mother's help and then as a nursery nurse I trained as a state registered nurse and then as a certified midwife.  In 1955 I married and we had three children.  When Lesley, our youngest, started school I trained as a health visitor.  For the last twenty years of my working life I worked as a specialist health visitor at the Regional Child Development Centre at St. James' University Hospital in Leeds.

Since retiring I have had many interests and I have had time to pursue writing.  I have, hopefully, honed my craft by doing a number of writing courses both by correspondence and at local centres.  The greatest influence, I think, has been attending Arvon residential creative writing courses – you can contact them via

I have written three autobiographical books.  The first two 'Growing Up and Growing On" and 'Grown Up and Growing Old' I did with the help of Bound Biographies  For the third one 'Are the Corners Still There?' I had the help of Angela C. and my daughter-in-law, Debbie.  Debbie, who is a graphic artist, also designed all three book covers.  This last book I had printed by Witley Press Limited Having the book just printed was by far the cheaper option.

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