The Magical Fragrance

It was that familiar smell again.  It'd been haunting me for the last few days. Every time I ventured into the bathroom, it was there. That delicious, sweet, soapy smell. I was greeted by it again this morning as I stumbled into the bathroom with sleep filled eyes. The fragrance wafted up my nose and made me dream and long to be back in that magical, magical world. Rubbing my eyes and wiping my nose, I turned on the shower and let it run while I stepped out of my pjs.  I walked into the shower and delighted in its warm invigorating spray as it woke me up and brought me to the land of the living.

As I stood there planning my day, I couldn't help but notice the steam from the shower.  It was growing thicker and thicker but the temperature of the water wasn't getting any hotter.  Weird, considering it was a whole new bathroom suite.  I'd only had it fitted a week ago by a highly qualified and professional plumber.  Before I had time to seriously think about what was happening, I felt myself being pushed upwards through the water spray. My vision was hazy as I peered through the spray. All I could see were shapes forming, disappearing and re-forming as I travelled ever upwards.  

My head hurt as it collided with the ceiling.  I rubbed the sore spot as I was suspended in mid air. I looked down. Nothing had altered. The bathroom was exactly as it should be. Everything was in its place. The shower was still running and the steam was minimal. All of a sudden, I was abruptly thrown down to the floor, hauled up and seated on the chair in the corner. "What the hell!  . . . .". I clung onto the seat, dripping wet, as the bathroom started spinning. I was forced upwards again, this time towards the open window. I gazed out into the blue sky and watched my entire life float by. It was like that scene out of Wizzard of Oz. You know the one I mean. Dorothy is caught up in a vortex as she is transported to the land of Oz. My parents, my pets, my friends, my belongings, aircraft, passed the window. The spinning stopped just as quickly as it had begun. The chair, with me still clung to it, hit a hard surface with a thud.

Some what stunned, I remained seated for a few minutes and took in my surroundings. There was a dressing table with a small tv on top of it to my left. Two big double beds with high mattresses and matching bed covers were pushed up against the far wall. I gazed at the fluorescent red lights of the alarm clock perched on the bedside cabinet. It was still morning. An air conditioning unit sat neatly under the window and a small dining table and chairs were placed to the right of the window. That delicious, sweet, soapy smell drifted into the room and headed straight up my nose. I eased myself off the chair and followed that smell straight into the bathroom with the double sinks and running shower. There was a knock on the door. Still dazed, I headed towards the door and opened it. A giant Mickey Mouse greeted me with a warm welcome and smile and bade me to climb into the golden horse drawn carriage. Oh! Realisation dawned on me! I knew where I was! Feeling incredibly self conscious and embarrassed, I folded my arms over my naked frame, smiled politely at the mouse and started to step backwards. Mickey raised his hand and released a fine gold dust. I watched, mesmerised, as it trickled through the fingers of his white glove. There was a buzz in the air and beautifully animated butterflies flew around me. I didn't feel naked anymore. My arms unfolded to reveal black shorts, pink t-shirt, pink ankle socks and black pumps. I reached up to touch my wet, straggly, long hair, only to find it tied back in a neat pony tail.

At long last. I was back. I was back in that magical, magical world. Walt Disney's World. I'd been aching to go back ever since I'd been for the first time five years ago. I turned to shut the door on the hotel room and climbed into the golden horse and carriage. I stared at the six magnificent white horses as they set off at a trot. There was no carriage driver. I ran my hand over the satin seat and looked through the sparkling glass windows. I turned to face the loud crack I'd just heard and gazed at the puff of smoke. There in front of my eyes, sat as large as life, was Puss in Boots. "Good day, my lady," the cat bowed his head and removed his hat. "Welcome back.  I apologise for the delay in answering your request to return one day but we've been terribly busy. My colleagues and I will do everything we can to ensure your stay is one to remember."

I sat there completely speechless! What was I supposed to do? It wasn't that long since I'd woken up and stepped into the shower. Maybe I was still dreaming! Perhaps I should click my heels three times and say, 'I want to go home'! "Ah, I see you don't believe any of this is happening. Well, I can assure you that it is." The cat took my hand, nibbled my fingers with his sharp teeth and licked the back of my hand with his rough tongue. I was definitely awake. Couldn't mistake the sting as those sharp teeth nipped my skin.

"Please try this." The cat broke of a piece of the cream satin seat and handed it to me. "Eat and enjoy. Everything you see is edible but don't eat too much." I looked at the cat stupefied and took the offered seat piece. Reluctantly I placed it into my mouth and began to chew. Two tiny mice appeared on the seat with the missing piece and swiftly began to knit it back together. A delicious, very sweet vanilia flavour swam over my taste buds as the chocolate, yes it was definitely chocolate, melted on my tongue. I'd never tasted anything like it before. The vanilia flavour was replaced by a warm brandy liquid as it trickled down my throat. "Fasten your seat belt.  We're about to take off."

There was no seat belt but as if by magic, one suddenly appeared. I grabbed it and bid as the cat asked. I saw the legs of the six white horses pawing the air as we began to ascend into the blue, cloudless sky. We appeared to jump over the hot sun and land on a golden roller coaster train track. I dug my finger nails into the white chocolate seat as the carriage followed the track, dipping, climbing and diving in all the right places.  The horses hooves clicked every time they came into contact with the track.  Their manes and tails flowed wild and free behind them. I left my stomach behind many times.  I hated roller coasters. Puss in Boots told me not to be afraid and to enjoy the ride. I shut my eyes tight as we ran out of track and the horses jumped off the end. I expected a sudden drop but it wasn't like that.

"Look." I opened my eyes and followed Puss in Boots gaze out of one of the glass windows. The horses had turned pastel pink with silver manes and tails. Instead of falling, they were dancing gracefully and gliding with each decent. The horses landed on the ground first followed by the carriage. We were in Magic Kingdom, parked right outside a huge mountain. I recognised this mountain! The carriage door opened. Puss in Boots was outside waiting for me. I took his hand as I stepped out of the carriage. "We, the management, have realised your dream. Enjoy. But, remember to be back in your hotel room and in bed on the stroke of midnight. If not, you'll be lost to Magic Kingdom and doomed to ride Thunder Mountain for all eternity. Take heed, my dear," the beautiful cat removed his hat once more and bowed. In a flash of fire he disappeared.

Whoopi! Yipeee! I'm back! Back! Whoopi! Who cares about the warning. I could ride Thunder Mountain and wander Magic Kingdom for ever, no problem! I'd not actually ridden Thunder Mountain before but desperately wanted to. I was greeted by a rather dashingly handsome young man and followed him to the boarding station. I'd expected to wait my turn in the long queue but was escorted via the fast track entry. I climbed into the runaway mine train and seated myself by the rather dashingly handsome young man. When all the passengers were seated the train started on its runaway journey. We ascended a very steep climb. I clung to the handle bars as we neared the top. I knew what was going to happen. But instead of the fearful drop I'd been expecting, the train veered onto its side and literally ran away with itself as it followed the twisting, turning track with its many a dip. The G Force pinned me to my seat. The forced breeze stuck to my face as we raced round. Wow! What a ride! I didn't want it to stop! I felt exhilarated! I felt alive! I was thoroughly disappointed when the ride came to a natural stop. I couldn't believe that I'd actually ridden every single ride in Magic Kingdom! The rather dashingly handsome young man at my side every time. The last time I was here it had taken almost three days to see all there was to see and ride nearly every ride.

The handsome young man looked at my grumbling, gurgling stomach with a smile on his face. Well, the noise was somewhat audible. Hardly surprising really considering I'd eaten nothing that day. The young man guided me to The Crystal Palace Restaurant. They were offering an all you can eat buffet for ten dollars. I never did catch the young man's name. He stayed with me throughout the meal as we exchanged pleasantries. He had a rather attractive American accent which suited his good looks perfectly. He wanted to know what my impressions of Orlando and the United States were and asked whereabouts in the UK I came from. I must've met every single Disney Character as they passed from table to table mingling with the seated holiday makers.  

Somewhere in the distance the sound of a clock struck midnight. I'd managed to see the Electric Light Parade but missed the end of it as I hurried back to the hotel room. Belly still full, I snuggled down under the covers. I'd had a wonderfully, weird day. My dream had come true once more. The idea of going home didn't sit pretty with me at all.  I wanted to stay here. I closed my eyes and prayed that I'd wake up in this magical, magical world.

Helen C

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