A classwork (meeting) exercise based on "AUCTION". 
Alloted time - 10 minutes.

For years IT stood on the sideboard. IT was christened "The Relic", "The Dust Gatherer", "The Prize" and other less mentionable names. No-one knew where IT came from and few cared but IT had always been there and there IT should remain. Many times it was suggested that we send IT for auction but IT never got there. Somebody would always say "No! IT belongs where it is".

..and then we moved house. We didn't have much so not a big job ...until it came to you know what. Then the arguments started. Shall we take IT or shan't we. Mum said one thing and Dad said another. Grandma picked IT up and granddad made her put IT down. The children stood open-mouthed wondering what IT was. Even the cat took a hand by jumping up onto the sideboard and sitting close to IT.

The cat won!

He suddenly spun round knocking IT to the floor where it smashed to pieces. Whatever IT had been IT was no more.

...and the arguments ended.

Gordon M

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