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My Buddy and I  -  Yours truly with wife, Lynn.

I spent my working life in the industrial electrical trade, both technical and sales. Also as a semi-professional photographer but this was never my full-time occupation. I enjoyed it too much and did not want it to become "work".

A lengthy illness and the ensuing convalescence meant slowing down a little. Now at considerably nearer to eighty than seventy I've decided my youth is over and looking for something new. I've done my share of business writing so having a go at fiction. I enjoy reading short stories but am looking at writing a novel. It may never happen but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

My health (ill-health?) keeps me pretty much housebound so I spend a lot of time on the computer. Mostly building websites or databases for amateur organisations. My time is my own and very precious so I no longer do anything for money.

Anything I write is for the sheer pleasure of writing and is pure imagination.

Just the one exercise at the moment

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I'm in my third year with the Yeadon Writers. That's three years full of good humour and laughter. A great bunch of people.

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