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A brief history. I was educated at Aireborough Grammar School and Leeds College of Technology. The whole of my working life was spent in the electronics service industry, beginning with an apprenticeship in TV servicing in the days when 17" was the largest screen available and there were only two channels. I was one of the earliest engineers servicing colour TVs in the Leeds area. My career included every aspect of the retail audio/visual business except selling; I could not sell a product I didn't know intimately and unless you have experience of reliability then you don't know the product. I was probably interested in fiction writing from a young age, my teachers would never mark imaginative work because they were always too long, but my first novel idea began more than forty years ago when a colleague asked his wife to type up an idea I had. It is still work in progress. On retiring I began with poetry, the story behind that is in my first poetry book, and then progressed after winning acclaim in competitions to where I am now.

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