Credit Crunch

My pocket money stopped the day
They put dad on short time
I'm only half way to my Wii,
How shall I make it mine
I'll never get the money now
Without the weekly cash
I'll have to wear my thinking cap
And reassess my stash
Thanks a bunch, CREDIT CRUNCH…

I'd shop for Mrs Potts,
The OAP at number nine,
Except she's found the internet
And orders stuff on line.
Papers aren't delivered now,
Folk walk for exercise,
And pick the paper up themselves.
No youngsters utilised.
Thanks a bunch, CREDIT CRUNCH…

I’d baby sit for them next door
except they don’t go out,
He’s on the dole, so they can’t spare
the cash for treats, no doubt.
Before, up at the posh end
I’d have found a car to clean,
But now they walk, or take the bus
because they’ve all gone green.
Thanks a bunch, CREDIT CRUNCH…

I'd walk a dog except, round 'ere
they all have aging cats.
And no-one has a lawn to cut,
just yards and stuff like that.
Is there nothing I can do
to earn a quid or two?
And get myself some real street cred
and gain the title "cool".
Thanks a bunch, CREDIT CRUNCH…

I can't believe my eyes,
they've put a banner in the shop.
"All prices slashed fifty percent!" -
now that's an awesome drop.
I've got enough to buy it now,
my savings are complete,
Once more a member of the gang,
no longer obsolete.
Thanks a bunch, CREDIT CRUNCH!

Angela C

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