An Open and Shut Case

We had decided to upgrade our front window and door,
The hardwood frames recoat became something of a chore.
Plastic was the answer, no maintenance and double glazed,
Researching the specs and firms didn’t leave me fazed.
After many quotes we settled, one recommended by a friend,
We included some blown windows this we always did intend.

They came and measured up towards giving us a quote,
It seemed fair, though not cheapest, it still got our vote.
The door and bay window proved the biggest task,
Can we come back tomorrow, at four they did ask?
When they’d gone we looked to examine their work,
Some sealant was missing and a dead fly was no joke
We contacted the team; a new panel was required,
They would finish the job when the panel was acquired.
A few days later it was finished, the job was complete.
The rosewood effect matched the rest to a treat.

The bill was paid, the house nice and snug,
No matter how cold, we were snug as a bug.
But then came the storm, as usual from the west,
With wind and the rain for two days without rest.
The hall carpet got wet the front door had a leak,
The letterbox sealant, it seemed, needed a tweak.

Dave came with his gun to squirt gunge round the edge,
But no we implored, a proper job was your pledge.
So remove it he did, scrapped out the old gel
Then squirted in new he seemed to do it so well.
‘Leave it’, he said, ‘twenty four hours to set’,
We gave it forty-eight, the hose made the mat wet.

The emails began with photo’s to follow,
But replies we got none, their promise was hollow.
For months we tried, emails and calls,
But replies we got none then our patience just stalls.
The Citizens Advice finally wakens them up.
Then the blame games, suppliers, with who would you sup?

More photos are sent as the chain is established,
A new panel is made but there it just languished.
Trading standards ‘tis hoped would liven them up,
But for now I’m on holiday and a cocktail to sup.

Barry L

© 2016 Yeadon Writers

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