What would you like for breakfast son?
I don’t know mum, what have we got?
That depends on what you want son,
Something cold or something hot?

We've got Weetabix and Muesli
How about Frosties or cornflakes?
You might like to have Rice Krispies –
It depends what your fancy takes.

Would you like brown bread and kippers?
How about omelette and ham?
There’s crispy bacon and mushrooms
Or toast with strawberry jam.

I fancy crumpets or bagels,
Or baked beans on hot buttered toast.
There’s is plenty here to choose from –
What tickles your tastebuds the most?

There’s just too many to choose from,
I like everything - cold or hot.
It all makes my mouth water Mum,
So please - can I have the lot?

Kim B

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