Put Away the Duster

Put away the duster and venture out of doors,
Walk along a river, or wander on the moors,
Cycle on the tow path or have a little swim,
Do something adventurous whatever takes your whim.

Put away the duster and look what’s there to see,
A creepy crawling beetle or a honey making bee,
A spindly legged spider or a caterpillar fine,
Or a family of ants crawling neatly in a line.

Put away the duster and smell the pretty flowers,
Lay amongst the hedgerows and while away the hours,
Watch the grasses ripple and the berries ripen up,
Behold the shining petals of a golden buttercup.

Put away the duster and hear the robin pip,
Or watch him peck his dinner from a crimson rose-hip,
Hear the skylarks calling and the curlews on the wing,
Or listen in the evening for the nightingale to sing.

Put away the duster and see the spring hares box,
Or follow in the footsteps of a wily old fox,
Watch a rabbit’s whiskers as they twitch like silver thread,
Hear a hedgehog snuffle through the undergrowth to bed.

Put away the duster, do those chores another day,
Cleaning up’s irrelevant, let the cobwebs stay.
The world is full of wonder and treasures to be found,
They’ll tickle all your senses, prepare to be spellbound!

Angela C

© 2016 Yeadon Writers

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