The Camera

They say “the camera never lies” – True?

I came to Yeadon in January, 2016 when it was very cold, bright days and dull, rainy or even snowy days. The flat I had moved into was perfect in every way. Close to all amenities, shops and library, downsizing from a large family home and garden.

How to record the people and the places I have come across since moving in my first year in Yeadon. … Well I am no photographer but I decided pictures and a written record of each event I had encountered could be the answer. So, … I purchased a throwaway camera and began taking pictures of my life in Yeadon.

My first visit to the Tarn / Dam was amazing. It felt very barren in the way of greenery as the trees had no leaves and although the water was calm the wind was very cold. I came across a bandstand which was very wet and covered in pieces of branches and curled up old leaves and Pillsbury looked very lonely. Then I saw a few brave ducks and birds around and on the Tarn, all different types. I tried it to take a picture but these ducks and birds must also have been cold as they would not stay still. Some were quite tame, or so it seemed and a few children were feeding them bread and they came to the children’s feet to get the bread. Green ducks, Brown ducks, White ones and a few seagulls that were dive-bombing for the bread that was being thrown to the ducks. The children screamed in delight and, I reckon, were a bit scared!!! The canoes and yachts were in the boatyard with canvases over them and the clubhouse had its shutters up. Snapping away I got a few pictures of this wintry day on Yeadon Tarn/Dam and was then surprised by a plane at the far end of the Dam obviously taking off to a warmer destination? Hey! Water, ducks, birds, yachting, canoeing and planes. It seemed it to be a very busy place in nature and people coming to walk around and feed the ducks.

The next event was the Yeadon Carnival. Scottish Pipers led the parade and a Carnival Queen and attendants in an open topped car, dancers, keep fit ladies, guides and uniformed organisations and scooters, motorbikes and classic cars all going from the Tarn to the Town Hall on the high-street in Yeadon. I had done the charity shop window where I volunteered the theme being Roald Dahl. The procession finished up on the Tarn fields where demonstrations were held and plenty of stalls. My camera was very busy snapping away.

Obviously, I have had to buy more than one camera as there has been so much to see and do in Yeadon.

At the Town Hall I got a leaflet on what happens there and from that I found the Writer’s group. I rang the number of the member of the group and was welcomed to the group and started attending. Hence, how I came to be writing this. No pictures of this but I found myself with a new group of friends and the enjoyment of writing stories, competitions etc.

Also at the Town Hall I came across the Thursday Club which, once again, I was invited to join and made another set of friends and even learning to play Dominoes when I go on a Thursday. No pictures of this for now but if I go on the Christmas trip to Millstones, Harrogate, I have been asked to go as a fairy to give presents out with Santa. A reminder of the song, “Nobody loves a fairy when she’s forty”. Hey! Might even have a picture taken. Time will tell!

The library in Yeadon has been another place for me to go. Obviously, books but computers all sorts of classes for me to do art and craft and making things. Again, no pictures but had to mention it. There is a one stop centre in there for any information to do with Leeds City Council etc.

Methodist Church where I was made most welcome and have joined in services and activities along with meeting Guide Guiders who I went on Camp with many years ago

Then there is Morrisons and Fultons and lots of charity shops and the curtain shop – Weatherspoons and other eateries and pubs here, there and everywhere.

The Cricket Club – this is where they had a Family Fun Day and I took pictures of many of the events, the Dog Show and various stalls all for Dementia. It was a glorious sunny day and I happily snapped away then gave them to the organizer, Bev, when printed. The White Swan Pub work alongside the Cricket Club and I enjoyed an evening at Pretend Beatles. No pictures allowed but a good time was had by all.

Now the seasons have turned and we are in Autumn. A bonfire at the Cricket Club and other events cropping up. Some dates already given to me for Christmas and as the leaves turn to gold on the trees and the nights get darker I am already doing a buy one get one free camera in hand to continue the rest of my first year in Yeadon.

I am back at the Tarn now and snapping the lovely colours of the trees and the sun going down over the Tarn. …dash it! Missed the plane again – they should not take off so fast so I can get a picture.

Ha! Ha!

Carole C

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