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"You will write
if you will write without thinking of the result
in terms of a result but,
think of the writing in terms of discovery.
Which is to say that creation must take place
between the pen and the paper.
Not before, in a thought - or afterwards, in a recasting...
It will come if it is there and if you will let it come."

Gertrude Stein

Once when I was working in a creativity workshop in Iowa,
an older woman wanted desperately to write poetry
about her youth in rural corn country.
I asked her what she used to do
that she would like to write about.
Among her answers was "husking corn".
I told her to wait and I dashed out
and bought a half dozen ears of corn in a supermarket.
When I returned I had her sit as she used to
and encouraged her to visualize the setting.
With her eyes closed and, sitting as she remembered,
I had her husk corn.
In less than ten minutes she produced her first poem.
Within an hour she had written nearly a dozen.

Bob Samples

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